Environmental and social sustainability rank high on our list and we are committed to creating positive impact

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We believe that economic growth and a healthy environment go hand in hand and recognise the importance of effective management of environmental and social issues in the development process.

Environmental & Social Standards

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We are committed to transparency, accountability and stakeholder engagement and we seek to work with partners and counterparties who uphold similar standards.


In our operations, we pursue best practices in environmental management to ensure that all projects undertaken are environmentally sound and operated in compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations.

Environmental Sustainability

EDGE Compliance


  • Energy and resource efficiency, waste reduction and recycling.
  • Use of alternative energy methods, thermally efficient design and sustainable building materials.
  • Enhanced natural environment with provision of spaces for recreation and relaxation.
  • Providing at least 20% less water, 20% less electricity and 20% more energy-efficiency in building materials than SANS 10400X compliance.
  • 100% indigenous with a focus on local plants, trees appropriate for the area.
  • Planting of water intensive lawns will be kept to a minimum.


Economic benefits are provided not only during construction but for the ongoing lifetime of the development.

Employment & Economic Sustainability

Business Opportunities

Capital Expenditure

  • Preferential procurement policies for local labour, especially from previously disadvantaged communities.
  • Opportunities provided for low/medium-skilled workers over the construction period.
  • Ongoing employment and business opportunities in developments after construction on a formal and informal level.
  • SMME support and development.
  • Business opportunities for local services industry.
  • Benefits to local businesses and economy due to increase in consumption/expenditure in the area during and after construction
  • Broadening of the rates base for the local municipality.
  • Supported through reduced maintenance costs, effective property management systems and affordable rentals and/or utilities costs.


The overall vision for our projects is focused on community living and includes the following social sustainability initiatives.

Empowered Communities


Safety & Quality of Life

  • Integrated development provides a variety of residential typologies for sociocultural diversification.
  • Easy access to basic services, i.e. community, education and recreation facilities.
  • Improved safety, with an emphasis on walking and cycling as the primary modes of movement within the development.
  • Positive impact through provision of quality accommodation in a pleasant living environment.

Environmental and Social Management Policy

The CITRA ES Management Policy outlines how this is put into practice and forms the basis of the CITRA systems that are to be implemented through the entire development process. This integrates and manages the full range of opportunities and risks in the development chain, to generate positive environmental and social impact.

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