Our mission is to create developments that improve everyday lives for present and future generations from all walks of life

citra development

Considered Developments

Our projects are thoughtfully planned to ensure well-located, integrated communities with closely connected education, work and living spaces.


We offer a range of innovative and well-designed living environments that are affordable for as many people as possible – without compromising on quality.


We encourage outdoor living, with “environmentally friendly” building technologies, providing neighbourhoods with social, environmental and economic lifestyle benefits.

The Team

portrait director Joel Baur

Joel Baur

Managing Director

Joel loves reading and spending time with his family in nature. He is passionate about improving people's lives through considered, high-quality design of houses and neighbourhoods.
He gained work experience at architectural firm Roger Boltshauser in Zurich, co-founded Atelier Manzana and studied at ETH Zurich and EPF Lausanne.

citra development director

Cheryl Hillman

Director - Property Development

Cheryl is driven by a passion for sustainable development. She has over 30 years’ experience in the development and management of affordable housing and is an EDGE- as well as EcoDistricts-accredited professional. In her free time, she is an outdoor enthusiast, who also plays the piano and dabbles in photography.

citra development director

Benno Büeler

Non-Executive Director

Benno is passionate about the environment and long-term sustainability. He works hard to improve the quality of life of people living in poverty, using his knowledge in mathematics, agricultural science, modelling and international CO2 trade systems. “The resources of our earth are there for everyone. We all have a shared responsibility.”

portrait of Realm, finance manager

Realm Chitando

Finance Manager

Realm takes good care of CITRA’s finances. She has a BCom in Accounting and a PGDA from the UCT, and is registered with SAIPA as a professional accountant. She has years of experience, making her a key member of the team.
She enjoys spending time with family and friends, sharing a good laugh over a hearty meal and decorating for social gatherings.

Our Partners